25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Silver signifying 25 Valuable Years of Marriage. A milestone wedding anniversary is the silver 25th anniversary. The Silver Wedding Anniversary is measured to be the first of the major wedding anniversaries. It’s time to give some romantic gifts to your partner. Some of the best ideas of 25th wedding anniversary gifts: Plan a picnic with paper silver-colored plates and cups. Buy tickets for a movie and wrap with a silver ribbon or in a silver box. Silver Photo Frame, Silver Key Ring, Silver Jewelry, and a CD with songs from the era of the marriage date. Create a poem, write it in silver ink, and display it in a silver colored frame. It is celebrated within your family circle and friends. 25th Wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Silver. Wonderful Silver Gifts Silver Wedding Anniversary t-shirts, Silver sweatshirts, Silver jewelry keepsake boxes, Silver buttons and magnets. Some one celebrates their twenty-fifth anniversary in the most rocking way so that everyone remembers it for the years ahead. Silver Jewelry is the best gift on 25th Wedding Anniversary. E.g., Bracelets, earrings, anklets, brooch and cuff links etc…Completing the 25th year of married life by the grace of God the most awaited phase of life. Many sites are there from where you can find the ideas and best gifts on 25th Wedding Anniversary. Gifts for it are always made of silver to symbolize a great milestone for the couple staying together.

Special day enjoy with an elegantly designed, custom printed keepsake book about the year you/they married. The Perfect Personalized 25th ‘Silver’ Anniversary Gift. Personalized with names, dates, a poem you choose, and a dedication you write. Or 25th Anniversary keepsake platter. Celebrate your Treasured Moments and Memories through art and frame it. Create a poem, write it in silver ink, and display it in a silver colored frame. Make a wish tree. Different bells gifts, 1st, 25th, 30th 40th, 50th ceremony best couples are not so anxious with the bells ceremony ability they accept for their 25th bells ceremony they affliction about accompany and ancestors actuality calm and accepting a. 25th bells ceremony allowance 25th bells ceremony gift, sites of 25th bells ceremony gift. Ceremony gifts: alone for any year bells ceremony ability that are alone with names, bells ceremony date, best of colors and an alternative photo breadth absolute for a 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th. 25th bells ceremony photo anthology 25th bells ceremony allowance ideas: traditional: modern: silver: argent photo anatomy candle sticks photo anthology argent adornment box argent jewelry. Buy quality gifts online like the 25th anniversary photo album. Anniversary gifts: personalized for any year that are personalized with names, wedding anniversary date, choice of colors and an optional photo are a perfect for a 25th wedding anniversary. Wedding gifts, keepsakes & gift ideas make the silver anniversary memorable with 25th wedding anniversary gifts for the ones who mean a lot to you while jewelry is your best option, you may wish to get other items.

Wedding Anniversary Scrapbooking Ideas

Are you looking for wedding anniversary scrapbooking ideas to help you create a unique gift for a special couple for their anniversary? This article has many simple ideas that you can use to create a wonderful and lasting wedding anniversary gift.

One of the most important wedding anniversary scrapbooking ideas you can use for an anniversary scrapbook is to have the couple’s wedding picture on either the first or last page of the scrapbook.

A copy of the wedding invitation makes a really great introduction to the scrapbook. A scrapbook makes a creative anniversary gift for any anniversary year, but it is particularly effective for milestones such as; first anniversary, silver, diamond or golden anniversaries. For the 25th, 50th or 60th wedding anniversaries, you can start the scrapbook with the wedding photo.

Other scrapbooking ideas you can use are:

Photos of the couple during each year of their marriage
Photos of the couple’s family at various stages of growth
Photos of memorable occasions, such as weddings of the children
Photos of the couple with their grandchildren
Photos of trips and vacations

Wedding scrapbooking ideas, for the first year of marriage could include:

Photos of the planning done for the wedding
Copy of the wedding service
Place cards
Bridal registry
List of gifts received
Ribbons to represent colors used in the wedding
Wedding favors that was used
Notes about planning mishaps

You can also include the following in the Wedding anniversary scrapbook:

Pressed flowers
Christmas pictures of the couple together
Letters and notes that the couple has written funny scenes from their lives together
Invitation to the anniversary party
Photos of the party

The colors you choose for embellishing the scrapbook should represent the year of the anniversary. For example, 25th anniversary is silver, 50th is gold and 60th is diamond. The colors used in other wedding anniversary scrapbooking ideas could be the colors the couple chose to have at their wedding or their own favorite colors.

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