How to Organize a Special Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

In planning to give a meaningful gift to a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, you need to plan and use some of your creative juice. Plan ahead and work out your plan taking into consideration important factors in the lives of the celebrants over the past 25 years. Figure out a lavish budget your pocket can afford and within such figure, list down possible best gifts in your assumed order of priorities based on how the couple will react. Visualize what they will comment for each gift. Will they cherish and remember it for a long time?

The traditional theme of a 25th wedding anniversary is silver and with that in mind, whatever appropriate gifts you will list down must have something silver attached to it literally or symbolically. How creative or imaginative can you get when you think of a present focused on the silver theme? Whether the couple is your parent, relatives or friends, your gift should reflect just how much you show your care and affection. Much more if you are the celebrant and your gift is for your spouse of 25 years.

This silver anniversary is classified as a momentous occasion or a milestone in the life of this wonderful couple. It is a proof of true love, respect and honor to one’s commitment to the marriage vows to go through life’s trials, failures and successes, tribulations or triumphs together.

What touching and loving gift can you come up with? How about organizing a silver anniversary party celebration to be mutually funded by immediate family members, close relatives, friends, members of the wedding entourage, wedding sponsors and special guests. If the celebrants are fond of dancing, book a ball room in a classy hotel. The wedding anniversary cake should have a silver topper and 25 candles adorned with silver ribbons. In as much as Iris is the flower symbol for the silver celebration, a bouquet of iris and red roses painted in silver will be presented to the wife and a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne to the husband.

During the scripted program, a video presentation highlighting videos, photos of the couple when they were children, teenagers, adults, as married couple, children, grandchildren, friends, homes, trips, including some greetings from friends and family members. Pre-planned gifts to be presented to the couple can be concert tickets enclosed in a silver envelope, engraved silver platter loaded with fruits, cheeses, Belgian chocolates and nutritional supplements. Some guests may choose to give a silver framed family portrait, a CD with popular songs from the 25 years of marriage, a quilt with family photos, a poem written in silver ink and framed in silver.

Others who wish to honor the couple can present a silver painted wish tree attached with gift certificates to an Italian or Thai restaurant, traveler’s checks, weekend get away, spa and massage therapy certificates, gym or dance exercise membership’s certificates. Special gifts from family members can be personalized silverwares, silver jewelry rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, watches for the couple.

If some guests would like something unique, they can give a series of gifts to trace the quarter of a century of spending life together. The sponsors will pool their funds together and come up with some contemporary or traditional gifts representing some historical facets about the couple from their first wedding anniversary down to the 25th wedding anniversary. These 25 different gifts will again be presented during the program in another video powered presentation.

Rest assured that if you and your inner circle were able to organize the silver anniversary party and hold it successfully with the actual delivery of the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary gifts, they will be overwhelmingly touched and will forever cherish this gesture of love and best wishes from all of you.

Wedding Anniversaries: Keep Falling In Love With Your Partner

Are you looking for an anniversary poem, anniversary quotations, anniversary symbols or lists of anniversary gifts that you can give your love one for your upcoming wedding anniversary celebration?

Finding the right gift for the wedding anniversary is a manifestation of your thoughtfulness for your partner. Relive the magical moments why both of you got married and is still going strong after all those years.

Choosing an inspiring wedding anniversary verses and poems for the invitation card will add meaning to your relationship. Sometimes when you are deeply in love, you simply cannot find the right words to say, but when you get to read a line or two of a poem or a verse, you know in your mind that what you have just read is what your heart is saying.

Examples of inspiring love quotes:
“Falling in love many times and always with the same person makes a successful marriage”
-Mignon McLaughlin

An example of a wedding anniversary quote perfect for your wedding invitation cards.
Love is not merely staring at each other, but in being together looking at the same path. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

There are numerous lists of anniversaries gifts to choose from. However, if you prefer to use the traditional anniversary gift list, you can consult wedding anniversary shops online to get the perfect gift that corresponds to a particular year.

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary is usually celebrated by the couple. No matter how you celebrate it, will nonetheless be one of the most memorable and truly to make it more meaningful, you can exchange gifts using the traditional anniversary gift list or the modern gift list. To add excitement, adding a flower or the gemstone can make it truly a unique.

A great first year anniversary gift is love coupons where you can use your imagination or a personalized stationary with a romantic design you know your partner will find inspiring. You can sit down and write something from your heart and I am sure she’ll be thankful that she married you and while she is reading your letter, you can surprise her with a gold jewelry and/or pansy flowers. Isn’t it so romantic?

You can also celebrate the special day by getting a ticket to a concert, play or movie and go out to a candle light dinner. While having dinner, you will absolutely blow her away by giving her a gold jewelry. Your partner will know immediately that you did something special for that important occasion. If your partner is passionate for sports, a ticket to a sports game is a winner.

If your partner loves to read, you can give a romantic novel, a non-fiction book on something of interest to your mate or a subscription to a favorite magazine or newspaper. Waking up every morning, your partner will always be reminded that the newspaper is your gift during your anniversary.

A first edition comic or book will be a delight. Who wouldn’t want to have a copy of the inaugural edition of a comic or book? If you prefer just to stay at home on that day, you can cook for your mate and offer your gift of a photo of the place you met, where you spent your honeymoon or something you think is romantic and get it framed. The framed photo can be hang in the wall of your home and will always be a reminder what it meant.

Another good choice is a scrapbook which you can do yourself or you can have it professionally done. The Settlers of Catan board game is a conqueror. You can play the game after that wonderful dinner and you can feel the warmth of each other while enjoying it.

If you have the time, you can spend the extraordinary day by booking a flight to somewhere you like or a holiday accommodation gift certificate. Certainly, your partner will look forward to spending his time with you on that place and it will be a nice bonding moment.