Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

The wedding anniversary party is usually an important event in the couple’s life, especially when they reach the tenth, twentieth or fiftieth anniversary. The anniversary is a good moment for the couple to remember the love they have for one another.

A romantic getaway for two is the best idea for a wedding anniversary. The destination depends on the budget and the time which the couple has at its disposal. This romantic holiday can be a trip of a lifetime. Choose the destination carefully. European cities like Paris or Venice are great for traditional and romantic couples.

More adventurous couples can travel to Asia or go on African safaris. Those who want to relax can choose a secluded hotel on a quiet beach on an exotic island. If a couple wants to rejuvenate, it can choose a spa as a location for a wedding anniversary. Here they can relax their bodies and enjoy great healthy food. Any trip is a perfect reason for couples to get away from their everyday life, to leave all the worries and problems behind and focus only on the special moments they are having together.

If you intend to organize a bigger party, with a lot of family members and friends as guests, you should consider having a party. The bigger the event, the more attention it requires from you as an organiser. First of all you should put down a list of guests which are to attend the party. It is very important to invite close family members and friends. Before choosing a date, check to see if the most important ones can make it to the anniversary party.

Creating the guest list gives you an idea concerning the budget which you will need for the whole party. Make sure each guest receives an invitation in time. Send the invitations at least two months in advance, so that the guests can make time for the party. In order to make a nice impression, you can send personalized invitations. Make sure their aspect is interesting and that it matches your party theme, if you have one. On the invitations there should be written the location, the date and a phone number or e-mail of the couple or of the person who organized the party. You can even consider including a map to the location of the party.

The location and food are the essential part in organizing a party. You need to have plenty of food and drinks. If you are on a strict budget, you can set aside the main coarses and just serve appetizers. The wedding cake can also be present at the wedding anniversary and it is very important, as it completes the menu. You can have a traditional wedding cake or you can choose to personalize it, either with small figurines or with pictures capturing special moments throughout the marriage life.

You can even choose a theme for the anniversary party. You can give the party decorations a certain color. For example, traditionally, the color for the first wedding anniversary is papyrus yellow. The second wedding anniversary is linen white, the third is fawn, the fourth is green, the fifth is turquoise, the sixth and seventh are white, the eight is bronze, the ninth is terracotta and the tenth is silver. Every anniversary which celebrates a decade has a special color: white for the twentieth, green for the thirtieth, ruby red for the fortieth and gold for the fiftieth.

If you decide to have the party at home, you have plenty of space and freedom to decorate the room to match the event. Choose gold or silver frames, according to the anniversary color theme, and hang pictures of the couple all through the room. Satin ribbons give a special touch when hung over the dining table or on the walls.

Another theme for the party could be based on the decade the couple got married. If the couple was married in the Seventies, you could organize a Disco Party. Ask your guests to get dressed according to that decade and play music which would remind them of those years.

If you want the anniversary party to be more casual, you can transform it into a barbeque or a garden party. Everyone feels comfortable at such parties. You can even hire a DJ or a small band to accompany the party with songs chosen especially according to the celebrated couple’s musical taste.

Another nice idea is to hand out small “favors” to the participants to the party, just like it is done traditionally at a wedding. It is a nice touch and people will remember and appreciate the gesture. You can choose these small gifts according to the traditional anniversary themes. For example, give silver bracelets with the occasion of the silver anniversary.

As a special surprise, make the most important moment of the party one they will remember. You could create a short slideshow with pictures the couple took throughout the years, from fun trips to memorable romantic moments they shared together. The slideshow could be accompanied by their favorite song or band.

As far as the anniversary gifts are concerned, they don’t have to cost a fortune. Gifts can be romantic even with little money, with the condition that it has a personal touch. Couples can give each other presents which remind them of their dating period. The purple dress she wore when you first met, the red roses he got you on your first date, the first movie you went at together. You can even choose a traditional gift.

For the second wedding anniversary, cotton is the traditional gift and China is the modern type of gift to give to the couple. For the third wedding anniversary, traditional and modern gifts are leather and crystal respectively. Gifts should be chosen according to the couple’s preferences. It should be something they will remember even after the party is over.